Semi-Private Language Homestay

This program is for those students that come with a friend, partner, spouse, child, etc. and have the same Spanish level. This program let you and your classmate to study at a faster pace than regular group classes. You can take advantage of studying two-to-one and benefit with an excellent group price!

Our time-tested program takes an eclectic approach which combines both traditional and current language teaching principles. It successfully develops the four language skills, grammatical reflection and the knowledge and comprehension of the Mexican culture. All instruction is provided by an experienced native speaker teacher and Spanish is the exclusive language of instruction.


The program consists of three, four, or five 50 minute periods daily of Intensive Spanish classes Monday through Friday. Students will live with a Mexican host family and will take classes at home. During the weekends, they may enjoy optional excursions (with an extra fee) to the most representative samples of prehispanic, colonial and modern Mexico.

Through this Semi-Private Language Homestay, the cultural experience highly increases and students gain more confidence when speaking Spanish. This is a real total immersion program, You will have the opportunity to talk, listen and even dream in Spanish 24/7!

One of the most important aspects of this program, of course, is the homestay. Daily life with a Mexican host family offers students many opportunities to practice their language skills in a comfortable relaxed environment and meet the culture first hand. Mexican food, costums, traditions, and warm hospitality will be part of everyday’s life while in Cuernavaca. The homestay fee covers private accommodations with a middle-class Mexican family and three meals per day.

The Cuernavaca Language School academic staff maintains continue communication with the family/teacher to attend the students´needs and make their learning experience the most rewarding. Studying abroad can enormously improve your fluency and comprehension in Spanish!